Grandpa glasses Revamped

I remember those black,thick rimmed glasses my grandpa used to wear every morning as he got his cup of tea and newspaper. He had this special spot on his bedside table for his glasses. Every night before he went to sleep, he religiously kept them at the same spot. Though, that particular specs was my grandpa’s possession, all elderly people used to wear the same thick,fully rimmed glasses then. Some were black,some others brown,silver,golden and so on but they were the grandpa glasses and never seen among the kids of my age.

Being the younger one in the family, I always had the freedom to play with any of my grandpa’s belongings no matter how carefully he kept them.Those glasses were my favourite. The legs of his glasses were lopsided from regular use and never remained together on the plane of his table. They served as my special prop during the teacher-acts. The lenses were too thick that it was always a blurĀ for my then perfect kiddo-eyes.

Then came the time when my vision started fading away around the age of 13. My mother put on her first glasses at 13 too. So, I guess it was genetic. Anyway, she was sad I had to wear glasses.My 1st spec-shopping got me a half rimmed,ultra light specs. The thin rim around the lens was hardly visible. Those were the times when everyone preferred such light and unnoticeable glasses for kids,teens and even the middle-aged. There were grandpa glasses for the senior citizens and the light glasses for everyone else.The trend remained the same almost till a year ago.

The latest scenario is a bit different. The landscape of glasses that once had light, frame-less glasses the most has taken a turn. The light glasses have given way for the grandpa glasses, but completely revamped grandpa glasses. These glasses are now a fashion statement. They are a symbol of ‘cool’, the ‘nerd’ or anyone and everyone from all the age groups, a symbol of active life. I guess it has got a bit to do with the lens revolution too. The old,thick lenses have been upgraded to the present light lenses. The beautiful eyes that got hidden behind the blurry lenses are no more an issue.

A few days back, I was standing in a long queue where IĀ noticed that 9/10 people who wore specs had the thick rimmed frames and I must admit, each one of them had a unique look. It has got a classic as well as fun element to it. It comes in all kind of colour combinations that it looks so fresh. Whether you wear them with a tight bun or a messy bun, with fringes or long locks, navy cut or messy boy hair, it elicit a unique aura.

This is something that keeps happening in fashion. Just like the cycle of life, it has got a recurrence cycle too. What was once modern becomes retro and retro becomes modern. The retro just lies under the bundle only to be dug out again.

Anyway, I am so drawn to this latest specs trend that I might soon get one for myself.