The Hope

There are times, I guess in everyone’s lives, when the person whom we loved the most or with whom we shared everything just moves away from our life and we miss them so terribly. He could have simply gone away to work, to study or just chose his way of life. There was never really a gap, but the schedule and the games of life just got in between and that is all.

Then, there comes a day when we get to meet him again and have a prospect of being with him for a long time like before. A huge anticipation and excitement creeps into us and plans on sharing about all that happened during those last years. But, then you suddenly realize that things are not that easy. Both of us might have changed. We still love each other and both of us excited to be together again but we wonder where was that ease gone. We realize that we need to work it from the beginning. We wonder whether it is just us or he feels the same too. A whole lot of confusing thoughts conflicting with each other builds up in our mind.

Then we think:

We are like two islands, Once a piece of land

and water gushed in between us

We still know to swim and close the distance

But the effort too much and the water too cold

Soon we will build a bridge to bridge the gap 

and all will be fine.



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